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Tooth Whitening

Everyone’s teeth will darken with age and can detract from an otherwise perfect smile. We can now whiten teeth easily and without causing any harm.

The process involves taking impressions of your teeth, from which we make special gum shields called trays which have a reservoir for the bleaching gel.

The  trays are  filled with a special gel and then placed over the teeth. This is worn at night, or can be worn for shorter periods during the day if night wear is uncomfortable or you are unable to tolerate it.
The number of applications required to lighten you teeth will depend on how light you want them to be and the degree of discoloration. Sometimes the teeth may become a little sensitive, but once the ‘bleaching’ is discontinued, the sensitivity disappears.

If you have any tooth coloured fillings in the teeth to be bleached these will not change colour, and therefore it may be necessary to replace these to match the new colour of the teeth once the bleaching is complete.

You will probably need to 'top up' the bleaching every six months for a couple of applications,  you use the same trays and the cost of the gel is relatively inexpensive, the initial expense in related to the making of the trays.

There are other ways of whitening teeth, but this is the most reliable and flexible way and allows you to choose when they are light enough and when you need to repeat the procedure. It is also illegal for anyone who is not a dental professional to do tooth whitening. There are reasons why your teeth might not be suitable for tooth whitening or there may be underlying disease so it makes sense that this should be assessed before you embark on tooth whitening.

None of the over the counter products will actually lighten you teeth as they don't contain any peroxide, they may remove some surface stain but the most effective way to remove surface stain is, of course, to see your hygienist.

Terms and conditions for non registered patients

We do offer this service for non registered patients or you can buy a gift of tooth whitening, however an examination will be needed first to assess your suitability for this treatment as there are some reasons why some people might not be suitable. This is included in the price.
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